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For men who could use a motivational and spiritual boost in order to get the most from their couples work.  


As a rising tide lifts all boats, this men’s group provides a buoyant environment for exploring the building blocks of enduring intimacy. I promote camaraderie and mutual respect as we explore past and current relationship failures and successes, and learn new ways to make our love last. 


I consider this group experience to be the missing element for sparking successful couples repair. Some men feel put on the spot in the couples consultation office and don’t open up. That’s not a failing of the men or of couples work, its just that these men need more. 


As the men receive support and encouragement from the group, as well as from me, they learn to value the magic combination of vulnerability and strength. They grow less defensive and show more willingness to explore their failings and consider new behaviors. Feeling less alone in their marital predicament they become more open to risking positive change. 


There is an uplifting synergy between the men’s group and couples work. The men’s group enhances members’ listening and sharing skills, teaches identification and positive expression of feelings, promotes the value of intimacy, which smooths the road for the existing direct couples intervention.


When men are empowered to be respectful and warm to their wives good things happen.




About the sessions:


Group will meet Tuesday evenings from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at my office at 111 E. 75th St., NYC.


There is a limit of 8 men to the group. 


Fee is $100/session payable in advance at the beginning of each month. All sessions must be paid for whether or not a member is in attendance.

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