My enrichment coaching practice capitalizes on my extensive clinical psychology training and forty years practical experience. My deeply informed grounding in what really makes people tick is the special sauce that separates me from conventional coaches. I see my mentoring work as coaching on steroids. 


A pioneer in video conferencing, I have met for decades with clients all over the world via online communication as well as in face-to-face meetings. I am a strong believer in both the mind-body connection and the way that stress in one area of your life impacts all the other major areas.


My approach is to join with you in seeking the truth and provide you with an independent voice to weigh in on the short and long term issues you face. Our resultant conversations, both practical and philosophic, will be intellectually and emotionally stimulating explorations of your personal and professional life. 


During our meetings we'll have spirited, down-to-earth, open-ended conversations about your strategic and relational challenges.


I'll weigh in with my take and help you to identify your range of choices and future moves.  


Total candor on both sides and no blowback...ever. 


I will help you... 


    •    See the promise of your situation.

    •    Improve your grasp of the big picture.

    •    Plan for the future.

    •    Figure out why something or other isn't working.

    •    Clarify your response to intense challenges.

    •    Examine personal and professional relationships.

    •    Explore the meaning of life and love.




I offer video conferencing and/or in-person meetings at my office at 111 E. 75th St. N.Y.C. 

Because this is coaching, I do not accept any insurance. Payments accepted via cash, check, credit card, or Paypal.

Fee: $400 per 90 minute session at my office

         $500 per 90 minute session at client's office (plus travel time/expenses)

To schedule an appointment please email or give me a call.  


Phone: 646-982-2248