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Is your intimate relationship a mess?

Do you sweep all your problems under the rug?

Is your mind overstuffed with grudges?

Is the emotional clutter around you making you sick?


It’s time for a Relationship Cleanup. Based on decades of experience in relationship counseling and over fifty years of loving marriage, Dr. Jeffrey and Elise Title offer a hands-on approach to creating and sustaining happy, healthy relationships for couples and individuals at any stage of life.


Relationship Cleanup will guide you to: Air out grievances before they build up; Wipe up mildew before it turns to toxic mold; Clear out those pesky cobwebs; Tackle emotional clutter as a team; Be supportive and encouraging even when you still spot dust Value your efforts and keep up the good work.


Whether you want to start your next relationship with a clean slate or develop fresh habits in your current relationship, Relationship Cleanup will show you the way.


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