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Many people retaining my mentoring services are looking for an independent voice to weigh in on the short and long term issues they face.


Our resultant conversations, both practical and philosophic, are intellectually and emotionally stimulating explorations of your personal and professional life. 


During our meetings we'll have spirited, down-to-earth, open-ended conversations about your strategic and relational challenges.


I'll weigh in with my take—based on decades of experience—and help you to identify your range of choices and future moves.  


Total candor on both sides and no blowback...ever. 

I will help you... 

  • Reflect on your circumstances.

  • Improve your grasp of the big picture.

  • Plan for the future.

  • Figure out why something or other isn't working.

  • Clarify your response to intense challenges.

  • Examine personal and professional relationships.

  • Think about making the most of your success.

  • Explore the meaning of life and love.

  • Deal with the "is that all there is?" conundrum. 


My consultation services are usually built around resolving specific work or life challenges.

For example...


  • How do we get creatives to work as a team?

  • Is that even a reasonable possibility?

  • How can we cut down on sniping and put-downs?

  • Why is my vice-president so uninspiring?

  • Why is my spouse so unhappy?

  • What is wrong with my relationship with my kids?

  • Where did my enthusiasm go?


Individual mentoring or consultation meetings are 90 minutes, weekly or every-other week.


  • 90 minute sessions are $400. 

  • Extended sessions $150 per additional 30 minutes.

Payment can be made by check, cash, PayPal, VenMo or BitCoin.


Consultation at your business site is available for a negotiated fee. 

We can meet in-person at my offices in New York City and Great Barrington, MA., or by video conferencing on Skype or FaceTime.

To schedule an appointment please email or give me a call.  


Phone: 413.466.5961

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