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This unique approach offers couples the opportunity to work together with me and my clinical social worker/author wife of 52 years.


Working with us as a couple can create a very reassuring, even inspiring, environment for positive learning. The couple to couple experience provides a great sense of support and compassionate understanding.

Based on our forthcoming book, RELATIONSHIP HYGIENE: A Concise Guide for Cleaning Up Your Act, Elise and I work as a team to offer tutorials to help individual couples get their relationship on a happier and more loving path.

We have home tested the recommendations in our book throughout our five decades together as lovers, parents and educators. The couples we teach feel safe and optimistic as they work with us.


Using our book as a manual, we meet together with each couple for highly personalized training in our relationship cleanup techniques. Each member of the couple will receive their own copy of our book to read and prepare for each lesson. 

Our curriculum includes a concise compendium of best relationship practices and ones to be avoided.


During our tutorials we show couples how to clean up their accumulated detritus so they can lower their stress level and start each day with a fresh, hopeful outlook. We emphasize listening skills, forgiveness and moderation. 



The Relationship Hygiene Program is taught in ten 60 minute tutorials.

Each tutorial is $300.  There is a 20% discount for full course payment in advance. 

Payment can be made by check, cash, PayPal, VenMo or BitCoin.


We can meet in-person at our offices in New York City and Great Barrington, or by video via Skype or FaceTime.


Lessons at your choice of Manhattan venue for an additional $100 per meeting. 

To schedule an appointment please email or give me a call.  


Phone: 413.466.5961

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